As City Councillor for Ward 1, Larry Tweedale will:

Develop inclusive and accessible neighbourhoods. Prioritize timely and effective snow removal from roads and sidewalks.

Facilitate low-cost childcare options. The city should work with the province and the federal government to create affordable, quality childcare spaces in Calgary.

Support strong public services and stop contracting out public services to private entities. Calgarians deserve better for their taxes.

Invest in science-based mental health initiatives. We need a 24 hour mental health response team composed of mental health specialists working jointly with police on a rapid response unit.

Make housing affordable to all. Achieve a balance between density and sprawl to avoid traffic congestion and lack of parking. Invest in social housing.

Promote high-quality senior services and programs. Ward 1 needs more seniors’ facilities.

Protect our parks and oppose redeveloping parkland. Provide proper maintenance to our parks and look after the trees in our public spaces. Infill development should be required to conserve established trees.

Meet the challenges of climate change by promoting strong and efficient public transit. The Green Line must be continued toward completion.

Listen to the concerns of Ward 1 constituents and be open to their recommendations and ideas. We all have a say in how we can shape our communities.

Create vibrant communities where music, the arts, hobbies, plus museums and libraries are all included in our plans. Families must have the resources to thrive.